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What configuration option would remove our Novell client/server dependency on PIM Dense Mode?

Novell client/server configuration options to remove your PIM Dense Mode dependency are discussed by IPv4 and IPv6 expert Silvia Hagen in this Q&A.

Hello Silvia,

I am part of the network group (not server team) for our company. We make use of PIM Dense Mode multicast groups ( and with regards to SLP in our IPv4 internal network. We would like to remove our Novell (client/server) dependency on PIM Dense Mode from the network. What Novell client/server configuration option would you suggest we try? We currently have Novell 4.91 SP2.

François Champagne

Hi François,

Thank you for your question. You basically have two options to configure your clients for their SLP services. One is what you are actually doing by letting them discover it through multicast. In this case you will need PIM if the services are not on the link. The other option is to configure them for their DA, which you can do either through manual configuration or through DHCP. It really depends on your overall design. I would choose to go to a design which lets all services be discovered through the DA and then configure the DA for all clients and services.

Hope this helps,

This was last published in March 2007

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