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What configuration changes can be made on the Cisco 2611/2503 so that the process of firing of the I

We have to keep our Cisco 2503 switched off because the Ethernet port on it has been assigned the same IP as our Cisco 2611. Whenever the need arises for the ISDN link we have to manually switch it. We remove the Ethernet patch cable to the Cisco 2611 then switch on the Cisco 2503 and fire the ISDN line.

Is it possible to put two bridge ports on the Cisco 2611? Or is there any other way we can assign dual DG's on on Win98 machines? What configuration changes can be made on the Cisco 2611/2503 so that the process of firing of the ISDN can be automated?
You can achieve in many ways of course without any new router.

  1. One (cheapest) way is to configure HSRP between the two routers and have both of them connected. Any of the router, which ever is alive, will reply. But you need to use access-lists and route-maps properly so that ISDN is not kicked up. You don't need to buy any module or the card.

  2. Another way is to buy BRI port card from your local Cisco vendor for 2611 and configure interface tracking so that as soon as BRI sees that serial port is down it will kick itself up. You can use 2503 as a backup to 2611 router and whenever it goes down you can use that router.

  3. You can also change Ethernet IP of ISDN router and give a floating static route on 2611 so that it send traffic to 2503 only when its serial link is down. You will need to add a secondary IP on 2611 Ethernet interface which should be in same subnet as Ethernet of 2503.

  4. On Win98 you can define more than one gateway. You need to use IRDP. Support for IRDP has already been added to Win98 but is disabled by default. You need to change registry also. So would suggest going with first option and looking for others.
This was last published in February 2004

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