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What commands allow network traffic to pass through PIX firewalls?

The PIX firewall can secure networks but you need to allow access to the right people. Learn which commands get network traffic flowing, from security expert Puneet Mehta.

I am setting up a PIX 515 (version 8.0.2) firewall and need to allow public access to the internal Web server through the outside interface. The outside interface (WAN) is receiving a DHCP address from the ISP and the inside interface (LAN) is static. What commands will allow traffic to pass through?
Well, you only need to setup HTTP port 80 forwarding from the outside to the inside. Since your WAN interface is DHCP enabled, you will have to communicate the change in the WAN IP address to your Web server users, so that they can get to the same.

In regards to PIX 515 commands to set this up, use this Cisco PIX 515E security appliance quick start guide. It...

not only has commands, but different scenarios of deployment.

This was last published in April 2008

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