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What certifications should I consider after completing my BA?

I recently applied to a university to begin my bachelors in computer science. Can you please advice me on the certificate courses I should take after that degree, and which fields are more marketable in the IT.
Dear Gibson: Your options are pretty open, but I'm loath to dispense advice given that I don't know where your degree is focused. Let me suggest instead that you look at salary surveys and top 10 certification lists from sites like www.certmag.com, www.certcities.com, www.gocertify.com, and so forth, and focus your efforts where your interests and actual job opportunities coincide. You may also benefit from talking to professionals already at work in fields of interest to you (and in locations where you'd like to work).

The more focused your search becomes, the more meaningful the results it will produce. Your query is so broad and vague, that I'm afraid I have no choice but to respond in kind, with my humble apologies. That said, if you'd care to provide more information, I may be able to provide a more useful answer. Feel free to e-mail again.

This was last published in June 2003

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