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What certification will increase my chances on the labor market the most?

I would like to start a career in networking sales for one of the IT equipment vendors in Taiwan. I am graduating in Poland with a Master?s Degree in marketing and management in business of communication. What certification shall I obtain to increase my chances on the labor market? Is CCNA a good choice? I have to say that CCNA is a little too technical for me. Is there any other certificate which would be more suitable to help me to fulfill my plans?
For a sales job, I'm not really sure you NEED a technical certification. You might want to approach some of the vendors you intend to target later during your actual job search and ask for their input. I'd hate to advise you to pursue a CCNA (which, though it may be too technical for you, is actually not technical enough to get you a technical job by itself). You might want to consider some sales skills or other sales relating training courses instead, even if they don't result in certification, because it sounds to me like they'll be more helpful in preparing you for your chosen career.
This was last published in July 2004

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