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What certification is best for VoIP?

How can one who struggles passing their CCNA find an easier way to certify for a VoIP certification? Read expert Ed Tittel's response.

What certification is best for VoIP? I took the CCNA exam several times, and failed. Once I pass the CCNA, I will have to take five more exams for CCVP. Is there an easier way?
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If you visit SearchNetworking.com and look for my April 8, 2004 article entitled "VoIP and IP Telephony in IT Certifications" you'll find a reasonably complete summary of what's out there that includes some (or exclusive) focus on VoIP by way of IT certification. That said, it's doubtful you'll find something easier than the CCNA/CCVP track, though you will find some credentials -- particularly the CTP and the CCNT -- that will lead you into the subject matter a bit more directly but also a bit more gently with more emphasis on VoIP terms, concepts, tools, and technologies. That said, you might just want to bite the bullet and take some classroom training to get through the CCNA/CCVP combination, which remains one of the best overall credentials for VoIP professionals available today.
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This was last published in March 2007

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