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What can you tell me about the Proxim Certified Network Installer credential?

What can you tell me about the Proxim Certified Network Installer credential?
Proxim is a company that specializes in wireless networking, specifically Wi-Fi and broadband wireless networks. They also provide a broad array of networking solutions and services, ranging from infrastructure ("last mile access" and MANs) to various types of network management, mobility and security or surveillance services. Their certs are of primary interest to Proxim Partners who resell the company's products and services (with their own value-adds, of course) and are principally designed to equip partner staff members with technical pre- and post-sales responsibilities. As in many other partner programs, to remain in the program Proxim Partners must agree to maintain current certifications for a minimum number of staff members.

All this said, I can find no information about a credential named "Proxim Certified Network Installer." The only current credentials in the program I can find information regarding are for:

  • Proxim Certified Broadband Associate
  • Proxim Certified Broadband Engineer
  • Proxim Certified WiFi Engineer

    Check out the Proxim Technical Certification Program Web site for more information.

  • This was last published in July 2005

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