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What are your thoughts on the grade path for MCSA and MCSE

Ed, What are your thoughts on the recently announced upgrade path for MCSA's (1 test) and MCSE's (2 tests) when upgrading certs from W2k to 2003 Server?

Will we only get one shot at the upgrade tests like the old "240" exam?
Microsoft hasn't yet announced any restrictions on how many times candidates may take the 70-292 or 70-296 exams. Since they're positioning them as "ordinary MCP exams" (as much to reassure test center owners, who lost lots of "seat time" in their test centers when giving the 70-240 4-hour exam for free during the last upgrade period, as to tell students how these exams will work) my guess is that you will have to pay $125 for these exams like other MCP exams, and that you will be allowed to re-take them as many times as is necessary to pass, subject to normal MS re-take policies and limitations. Of course, we'll have to wait for Microsoft to confirm or deny my guess, but since these exams won't go final until August (292) and September/October (296) there is still plenty of time to wait for them to pronounce on this subject.

This was last published in March 2003

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