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What are the key features of SMS?

What are the key features of SMS?
SMS provides the following four primary features:

  1. Collection of Hardware and Software Inventory that can be viewed and queried in a variety of ways - helps you find put what's 'out there' and where it is

  2. Software Distribution and installation which provides the ability to install software rapidly and consistently throughout an enterprise - no more trudging round with floppy disks/ CDs to each machine in order to install software

  3. Software Metering which allows the usage of software used throughout a company to be metered and license limits to be enforced - the last thing you want to be doing is falling foul of software licensing and having vendor legal departments coming to pay you a visit

  4. And when things go wrong, the ability to troubleshoot problems using various tools such a Remote Control and Network Monitor - you can remotely access machines using remote control so make sure you've got a comfy chair as you'll be able to spend more time in it rather than having to visit machines in person

This was last published in June 2003

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