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What are the best certifications for an entry-level position?

Expert Ed Tittel explains which certifications are best to obtain for entry-level positions.

Hi, my name is Sherrie. I have a B.S in computer Science. I have interned for a year. What would be the best certification(s)...

for an entry-level position: MCP, CCNA or CompTIA Network+? Maybe one day I can get a job as a network administrator.

Dear Madam:

Given your degree in CS, any of these credentials is a good place to start, but really won't do much to advance your career. That means you could go the Microsoft (MCP), Cisco (CCNA) or CompTIA (Network+) road, but none of those credentials is likely to add much value to your current degree and work experience. You'd be better off treating them as stepping stones to more advanced credentials (MCTS, MCITP for Microsoft, CCNP/CCSP/CCVP for Cisco, or something in the NACSE/NARTE family for networking stuff) than as destinations in their own right.

If I were you, I'd recommend a full-court-press job search based on your degree and work experience, from the standpoint that the combination of the two is already more valuable than any of the credentials you mention (or their combination).

Thanks for posting.


This was last published in January 2007

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