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What are the benefits for a company, especially ISPs, of adopting IPv6?

What are the benefits for a company, especially ISPs, of adopting IPv6?

This question has been widely discussed in the public and there are many answers to it, depending on who you talk to.

If you ask for the benefits for an ISP, I would phrase the question the other way round. In my opinion, IPv6 is inevitable, so for the ISP there is not a question of if there are any advantages, it is simply a question of being competitive. Today there are a few ISPs offering IPv6 services. They have a unique selling point at the moment and there are customers that choose those ISPs for specifically this reason. But in the near future, for an ISP IPv6 will not be a unique selling point anymore, it will be a minimum requirement to stay in the market.

For a company the scenario looks a little different, but only as to the point in time when they should integrate IPv6. The protocol will be the Internet protocol of the coming years and it solves some issues that cannot be solved with IPv4 in a reasonable way, plus it creates the foundation for new types of services especially in the area of mobility and security. So a company will have to analyze their infrastructure and their extension plans and determine the right moment to introduce IPv6 instead of investing in the fixing of the old IPv4 infrastructure. Depending on the network and the requirements, this can be soon or in a few years. The important thing is to analyze it now in order to find the right moment.

This was last published in August 2005

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