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What are some resources to help me better understand network security concepts?

In this expert response, Michael Gregg gives us some excellent resources to give you a better understanding of network security concepts.

I am currently working for SonicWALL, and I need to make myself strong in network security concepts. Could you tell me the name of some useful books and online sites? I am CSSA, CEH and CNNA certified, and I am planning for CISSP. Any advice?
Congratulations on your desire to learn more about network security. As for Web sites, one that I think is particularly useful is the SANS Reading Room. They have over 1,000 original computer security white papers that are all free! As you are interested in becoming a CISSP you should check out the Clement Dupuis' CISSP site. You should also signup for the Larry Greenblatts CISSP yahoo group on yahoo.com. Larry has done a great job putting together a good package of resources for students studying for the CISSP exam. Recommended books for the CISSP include the CISSP Exam Cram2 and The All in One CISSP Exam Guide. Other books I would recommend include Emerging Threat Analysis, The Art of Deception, and Professional Pen Testing.
This was last published in November 2006

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