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What IT job can I apply for with my experience?

Learn what IT job you can apply for with the masters, certification and experience you have as a technician, in this expert response with Ed Tittel.

I have a CEH (Ethical Hacker) certificate, a Masters Computer Diploma (1997) and I'm doing my Associate CISSP on September 1. What jobs can I apply for if I have three years experience in the Technology Department as an AV Technician?

Dear Ivano:

Given your credentials, it sounds like something in the security realm is what interests you. Lucky for you, it's also where you can find lots of opportunities and pretty good pay. Look for titles such as security auditor, infosec professional, security specialist, and so forth. I'd especially advise talking to the "Beltway Bandits" -- namely, firms that specialize in providing high-tech information security expertise for use on government projects. Most any big company with a government projects or government services arm is probably right up your alley!

HTH, and thanks for posting,

This was last published in September 2007

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