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What IPv6 topology/configuration is used most in peer-to-peer tunneling?

Learn what IPv6 topology and configuration is used most in peer-to-peer tunneling, in this expert response with Silvia Hagen.

As a test engineer responsible for testing my company's product in an IPv6 environment, it is impossible to test every possible combination/configuration/topology. As such, we try to test the most likely configurations. With respect to peer-to-peer tunneling, which of the available options do you see being used the most: ISATAP, Teredo, Silkroad, etc.? I understand that it depends on each specific installation, but do you have a feel for what will be used more widely?
The transition mechanism I expect to be used most is 6to4. I do not have a crystal ball for the other mechanisms, and I assume that it will be a vendor driven decision -- depending on availability of mechanisms on different platforms. So if you want to get a feel for what will be used more widely, check out across vendors and operating systems who have plans to support which mechanism, and this will give you a picture.
This was last published in October 2007

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