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We have a new product requirement that needs two PCs on ADSL or 56k dial-up (Dynamic IP) to access e

We have a new product requirement that needs two PCs on ADSL or 56k dial-up (Dynamic IP) to access each other's...

data and communicate. Security is required to stop unauthorized access and hacking.

Could you recommend a solution for the above and what would be required (in terms of resources) and what would be the limitations of any solution?
You have couple of options.

  • If either of the site has a VPN infrastructure in place - it will be the best option. The other site can use a VPN client to connect and communicate securely.

  • If it's going to be a PC to PC communication, there are communication software's which enable encryption over any communication channel, be it a dial-up. You can also use SSH, SFTP etc.

  • Access and Terminal servers are the other good options. They allow multi-level client authentication which allows clients to dial-in into any TCP/IP network and communicate securely. It delivers security with CHAP, PAP, dial-back support and multi-level password protection.

  • With ADSL, you can use a Personal/Mid range Firewall which can be configured to allow communications only from trusted sites and on specific ports.
  • This was last published in December 2003

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