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We have Cisco 3660 routers spanning three networks but the first network can't FTP to the third. Wha

We have Cisco 3660 routers spanning three networks. From the first to the second network we can FTP files just fine. From the third to the second, it is also fine, but not from the first to the third and vice versa. We can however upload and download files via SSH. Three network admin guys could not figure it out? Can you help?
I have faced a lot of such problems, and most of the times, its due to some firewall in between on the access list. Try to work on these lines. I am sure there is some access list on some of the routers, or firewall that is preventing this from happening. Here I am assuming that only SSH is not happening between Network 1 and Network 3. If on the other hand there is no communication between these sites at all, then we would need to look at this problem from an entirely different point of view.

If you send me the exact topology of the your network, and configurations of these routers, then I would be in a better position to help you.

This was last published in February 2004

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