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VoIP advantages

Can you tell me what advantages VoIP will give me with my present set up - one building only, no other sites and at present very low telephone costs (i.e. outgoing traffic, etc.)
If you only have one site and cheap telephone rates going out of that one office, then you probably won't save much (if at all) by moving to VoIP. VoIP is generally cost-effective when you have multiple sites and the cost to transport those calls over a traditional circuit-switched telephone network is expensive. Another case where VoIP makes less sense is when most of the traffic is local and will not incur any significant per minute charges. The per minute costs from voice have dropped significantly so in many cases VoIP doesn't make sense. Companies are quickly moving to VoIP to off-load heavy volumes of voice traffic between corporate offices that are in different cities or different countries.
This was last published in October 2002

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