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Value of CCNA by itself

How good are the chances of securing an entry level position if you solely possess the CCNA with no experience? What would be a good path to follow with such a background?(Other certifications that are good to have with the CCNA, jobs to apply to with such a background) Like most other certifications that require passing a single exam (e.g. CNA or MCP) the CCNA doesn't really provide much of a meaningful promise that the credential by itself will get you an entry-level job. A lot will depend on how much you already know, any kind of relevant or related experience you can bring to bear, and how well you can sell yourself in a job interview. Sad to say, entry-level positions have been hit the hardest in the recent economic slump, so you've got a bit of a struggle ahead. That said, if you walk into somebody's shop to interview with Network+, a CCNA, and as much additional knowledge, curiousity, and volunteer or self-obtained hands-on experience in networking, you'll be that much better equipped to stand out in the crowd.

This was last published in February 2002

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