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VPN server connection problems

Hello. I have been having some VPN problems and am wondering if you can help. For starters, we have a VPN server on an NT4 server that is using DHCP to assign IPs to clients. From my home network on my XP machine, I can connect to the VPN server, but I cannot connect to any shares. I am getting a System Error 67 has occurred. From my Win2K client, I can connect to the VPN server and connect to shares, but cannot browse the shares and only using NetBEUI. Since XP does not support NetBEUI for RAS connections, I cannot use any shares at all from XP.

I have also noticed that from my network I can connect only one machine at a time, meaning that it is appearing that our VPN server is only accepting one VPN connection. I have 4 VPN ports enabled right now for testing. I have tried using the HOSTS and LMHOSTS files and they have not been successful. I have tried adding our WINS server to the VPN connection on the client and that has not been successful. I am stumped. I have looked everywhere, asked on newsgroups and have no success. Please help if you can. I appreciate it!
Unfortunately, a number of VPN software and hardware solutions will always have problems as you describe. You haven?t identified whose software you are using, but the problems you describe are typical for people trying to build a VPN on their own. I?d suggest doing some more research on the particular VPN product you are using to see whether the vendor has documented fixes to these problems. Many IT organizations have run into similar problems and found the most cost-effective way to use a VPN is to outsource it to a VPN service provider who has spent a lot of time understanding how to fix specific problems for the hardware and software they use in the VPN.

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