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VPN for constant use?

We are running a Cisco VPN concentrator at work and have a team remotely connecting in via their DSL connections. They are trying to keep as constant a connection as possible as they are checking in and out source code from a server onsite. While it seems like they all have their settings properly tuned, they get dropped randomly a few times every hour or so and must reconnect and log back in. The drops happen when they are sometimes transferring large amounts of data and sometimes not doing anything at all. Our IT staff tells me that VPN is not for constant use and was not built for this purpose. Is this really the case for all VPNs? Thanks.
A VPN can definitely be used for constant use. We've seen many cases where IPsec tunnels from PCs have stayed up for many days (taken down only because the tunnel wasn't needed). I'd expect that your problem is either due to a misconfiguration in the VPN or because of poor IP connectivity either at the user's end or at the headquarters.
This was last published in May 2002

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