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I am doing a project on Network Management and Administration. However, I faced some problems... hopefully you...

can help me with it by answering the questions stated below:

1) What are the key features of VLAN technology?

2) Example(s) of VLAN applications?

3) 1 network management software applications that are compatible with Windows NT/2000 Server and would be appropriate for a small network? Its functions and the network protocol(s) it uses?
Thanks, Jane
1) VLANs, separate single subnets into multiple collision domains.

2) Not sure what you mean. If you take a Lan application that two departments are using you could use a VLAN to separate the traffic between the two departments.

3) You could separate Outlook/Exchange traffic across VLAN?s to help with traffic problems.

This was last published in September 2002

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