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VLAN connectivity trouble between sites

I am a systems administrator and I am having trouble connecting from one site to another. For instance, Site 1 has several VLANs configured using Cisco products. Some PCs cannot access the servers, which are on a VLAN, while others cannot access the HTTP or TELNET, etc. Sometimes we can successfully ping, but other times we time out.

In another scenario, we couldn't connect to Site 1 from Site 2 using Lotus Notes Client because of "a lot of time out" when we tried to ping the Domino server. My network engineer confirms that the several VLANs, which were migrated from a normal LAN, are fine. And I don't think the servers are to blame. Do you have any advice?

To begin with, ask your network engineer to put your PC on the same VLAN as the server and then try to access these services. If you are successful, then the problem must be VLAN-related. However, if you still have no luck, then the problem may be related to some access lists configured on the LAN router, which is restricting access to certain services.
This was last published in June 2004

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