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VLAN breakdown strategy

I need to know how a VLAN breakdown strategy works. I understand the concepts of a VLAN but what exactly is a VLAN breakdown strategy? How is it setup? Do you have any sites that I could go to learn about it?
If my understanding of your question is correct you are inquiring how to breakup a VLAN. I would refer to Cisco's Web site. There are quite a few white papers available on VLANs.



Each VLAN is its own broadcast domain. Individual VLAN connections can be configured by port, IP, or MAC address. VLANs can be configured to support individual groups, departments, or domains. VLANS breakdown the broadcast domains on a network. Each VLAN will have its own range of IP addresses so you can route between them. With VLANs in place you need fewer routers. The router can automatically route between sub interfaces without any additional configuration. Combined with 'trunking' this becomes even more powerful. If additional networked groups need to be added VLANing simplifies that task and reduces the total number of router ports needed.

This was last published in April 2003

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