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Up and coming cert areas?

What do you see as the next up-and-coming certification in the area of LAN/WAN networking?
Right now, IT security is clearly the up-and-comer. If you're happy with that answer, I recommend investigating any or all of the following cert programs:

1. ISC-squared's Certified Information Systems Security Professional
2. The System Administration and Network Security (SANS) Global Information Advisory Certification
3. TruSecure's ICSA Computer Security Associate

If you want me to look beyond what's hot right now, and will (or may) be hot next, I'm voting for network forensics/protocol analysis. I wrote a story on these credentials as part of a story on top-paying IT certs for InformIT.com. To find that story, follow this recipe (they use dynamic URLs, so I have to tell you how to find it, rather than simply telling you where it lives):
1. Go to InformIT
2. In the search window type "Tittel Protocol Analysis" (without the quotes). That should pop the story I'm talking about right up, which is entitled "Understanding Protocol Analysis."
This was last published in June 2002

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