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Two questions in one: Should I use Zone Alarm and can I use a wireless router with my current router

Hi Mark,
I have a linksys cable/dsl router do you know if I should get the software zone alarm with this router or is it ok without it. And can I hook up a wireless router to the one that I'm using at this time and is it a good idea to use both at the same time. Thanks
I would definitely purchase the software Zone Alarm and install it on my PC. Zone alarm provides extra security on your PC that the Linksys router is not capable of providing. The Linksys router can only block out a small amount of port numbers and protocols. Hackers use a variety of ways to attack a network and a Linksys router will not stop an experienced hacker from breaking into your home computer and network.

Zone alarm can automatically restrict Internet access on your computer when you are not using the Internet for a specific amount of time. Zone Alarm prompts the user every time a program in their computer tries to access a resource on the Internet. You can deny or allow the communication to occur at that instance. Zone alarm also allows a user to see who is trying to access their PC. It is a great software package.

You can set up a wireless access point to connect to your router. It should not be a problem to use a wireless access point with zone alarm installed on any of your computers. It will not cause any conflict. Just remember that wireless communication has it limitations when it comes to distance, speed and in many cases through certain types of walls.

This was last published in July 2002

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