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Trying to decide between OS-X server and Windows 2000 server

We are looking at instituting a network of a minimum of 40 Macs and 20 PCs. We are trying to decide between OS-X server and Windows 2000 server as our NOS. The Macs will be used for graphic and multimedia design. Which NOS do you think will be the better choice? Is there an even better option that we have not thought of?
This reminds me of when I teach security classes and students square off on which platform is more secure, Windows or Linux. Properly administrated both platforms can be secure and robust.

So here is my answer to you question. Is your admin staff for the network already in place? If so, in which platform do your employees maintain the greatest strengths? If it is not in OS-X you'll need to invest some time and training bringing them up to speed. Go with your existing core competency.

This was last published in February 2003

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