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Troubleshooting wireless connections used with Cisco 7960 IP phones

I see that you have experience with wireless LAN and VoIP, and I need some help. This is my topology:
---7960 IpPhones/Callmanager--switch 3524--router--aironet 350 non 
root bridge----- root bridge (as repeater)-------Aironet 350 nonroot 
bridge--router--switch--7960 IpPhones
The quality of the link is good but it's impossible to establish a conversation. Do you have any clue or advice about what to do?
I don't have any special insight about troubleshooting wireless connections used with Cisco 7960 IP phones, but will observe that being able to ping from one device to another is considerably different than being able to sustain a high-quality SIP connection. You might be getting the occasional short packet through, but experiencing a high error rate that prevents you from sending the continuous stream of packets required by SIP. If you haven't checked this out already, see Cisco's Troubleshooting Your Phone page for Cisco 7900 series IP phones. Have you tried the Quality Reporting Tool described on this page? Further instructions for using that tool can be found on this page.
This was last published in August 2003

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