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Troubleshooting small office network printer with new Cisco router

We have recently gotten cable Internet connection for our office. The connection included a Cisco Modem/Router with 4 ports. I have connected a 2nd computer to the Modem. I cannot get the printer (connected to the 1st computer) to work with the 2nd computer. Do I need a hub also so that the printer will work? The printer is showing shared in the 1st computer (Windows NT), but it is not on the list of printers in the 2nd computer (Windows 2000). What is the problem?
Go to the Control Panel and add the network printer on the second computer and it should work properly.

An easier solution that might work better down the road, is to purchase a Linksys router/switch, it can act as a router, and switch and you can even block some ports and protocols with it. You can configure it as a router and a DHCP server and it does the job. With that solution only 1 nic per computer is needed.

This was last published in September 2002

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