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Troubleshooting D-Link DI 614+ router and DWL 650 wireless cardbus adapter using IPsec through compa

I purchased a D-Link DI 614+ router and DWL 650 wireless cardbus adapter to allow me to not be tethered to the desk when telecommuting from my home office. I'm currently using IPsec to connect through our firewall.

Here's my problem: When hardwired to the router, I can connect to the network, use shared applications, view and edit shared folders just as well as I can when I am hooking up to the network at work. When I try to use the wireless card, I can use e-mail and the Web browser without any problems at all. However, it will not allow me to use the shared applications, folders or connect to mapped network drives. Any ideas?
Seems like a driver compatibility issue with your VPN client. I am assuming you are using a Nortel Contivity VPN system and that you have a Contivity VPN client. Start out by checking with Nortel's Web site to see if there are any updates to their software and any known incompatibilities with D-Link wireless client.

VSClient is certainly an option to get around this problem. However, keep in mind, you must confirm with your IT department whether they have already set up a VsClient gateway or whether you will need to do that yourself.

This was last published in October 2003

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