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Trouble setting up print server

I'm using computers in a LAN Network that are running Win2000. I want to set up one of them as my printer server but I noticed that when I want to print I have to manually search for the print server using the "my network places" icon and then connect to the printer from the client. How can I solve this? Now for the past two weeks I noticed also that I couldn't access any of my clients if it try to connect to them from other clients - it keeps saying that this machine has no logon permission, I didn't set any permission. What could be the cause?
Assuming the printer is installed on the workstation you wish to print from, its more likely that the port configured (Properties of the printer- Port Tab) has changed or misconfigured. Check the port settings and make sure they match the located of the print server.

Also, you might want to try and right-click on the desired printer once you browse through the 'My network places' icon, and see if you get an option that will allow you to install it. Usually there is such an option.

This was last published in June 2003

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