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To renew my CCNP, which exam should I take?

Learn what test you need to take to renew your CCNP from Cisco certification expert David Minutella.

I have passed my CCNP. How or which exams should I take to renew my CCNP? I know that all four tests of CCNP have been changed and two new tests have been introduced. Should I go ahead and recertify?
You actually only need to take one of the professional exams to recertify your CCNP. To answer which one to take ultimately depends on which one you feel comfortable with. Or, if you are up to a challenge, try a completely different professional exam. I, personally, recently recertified my CCNP and took the new ONT exam for the NP because I wanted the challenge of learning QoS and wireless. The menu is loaded with goodies and you just need to pick which professional exam appeals to you.
This was last published in August 2007

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