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To practice my CCNA, what equipment do I need?

Learn what equipment you need to set up a home lab to practice for your CCNA in this Q&A with Cisco certifications expert David Minutella.


I am seeking my CCNA so I am attempting to set up a home lab. I plan on purchasing a 2600 series router. I have already purchased the following:

1 4000M
3 2501
2 424
1 1924-XL
1 2912-XM


I am always an advocate of "any equipment is good equipment" when it comes to creating a home lab. If you have your sight set on the current CCNA, I would also venture in getting some equipment that maps closer to the IOS of the exams. Specifically, you should get a Catalyst 2950 switch and a more modern modular router platform such as the 1700s which is an inexpensive router. You can still buy WIC cards for these to connect to your 2500 or whatnot.

In addition, I would recommend taking that plunge for the CCNA soon because there is a new revision of the exam coming out and the equipment for that exam will undoubtedly require more current routers, swithes, modules, etc. than what you currently have.

This was last published in July 2007

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