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Thesis guide involving wireless and networking

I am searching for a thesis theme. The topic must be related to a technological implementation, which must involve wireless and networking.

I am trying to find a technology that has not yet been implemented in my country (Ecuador). Could you guide me to some interesting topics in this area that I could investigate?
There are many seriously amazing things going on in the world of wireless at the moment. Within the last three months we've had the ratification of 802.11g, which allows for a 54Mb data-rate (aggregate), a large push towards the emerging 802.15 (MWLAN – Metropolitan Wireless LAN) and WECA's release of the official WPA standard.

Now, you have to realize that these are completed works and that people have been working on them for some time now.

If I were going to write a thesis on technological implementations that involve wireless and networking then I would be looking at some of the following areas / topics:

  1. The convergence of Wireless LAN and Cellular networks for ubiquitous communications.
  2. 802.15 – An evolution for entertainment communications.
  3. The effect of wireless LANs on teaching and learning paradigms in educational organisations.

However, none of these are NEW (which is one of the prerequisites for a thesis topic) but content contained within these ideas may provide the spark that leads on to that impending 50,000-word document that you're about to write.

This was last published in August 2003

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