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The future of security certifications

I am planning to do CCIE in security. What you think the future holds for security certifications?
First of all, CCIE anything has a future, so no worries there. Security, however, is always in demand and Cisco is no stranger to this fact. I am curious, however, to see how Cisco's new Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 5500 fits into their certification and product future. Namely, this box combines firewall, IPS, network anti-virus and VPN all in one device. I am sure they will still certify on the separate components for awhile, but I would also get to know this product if it starts to live up to Cisco's hype and gains market share. Regardless, the CCIE Security will establish you as someone who not only understands the hardware, but all of the security principles and concepts behind them.
This was last published in August 2005

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