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The first step to ensuring effective IT service delivery management

Expert Henry Svendblad reveals the first steps you need to take to ensure proper IT service delivery management.

What is the first step organizations need to take in order to improve their IT service delivery management?

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The first step in comprehensive IT service delivery management is what I call Fearless Management Inventory. What that means is to really understand all of the assets or configuration items that IT manages. This could be a server, a router, a switch, or any type of IT device that is brought to bear to deliver a service needs to be catalogued, defined and put into a database as a configuration item.

One of the most important things you’ll need to do is rank all of your business applications and, more importantly, business services, by criticality to the business. One of the challenges of doing this is obviously that the marketing department may believe that their marketing application is the most critical to the business, while the accounting team will tell you that their accounting application is the most critical to the business, etc. And so the challenge is coming up with that comprehensive list of applications and services and then having a broad range of business leaders help rank those applications and the cost and business impact of those applications not being available.

And finally, you need an inventory of all of your different management tools and a true understanding of their capabilities. What makes this difficult for a lot of organizations is that their tools are sometimes spread across different physical locations and, in some cases, managed by different teams within IT. So what's really needed is a comprehensive understanding of the library of tools that are available and how those capabilities can be brought to bear to solve the challenge.

This was last published in June 2013

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