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The IT landscape faces Software as a Service challenges

Expert Henry Svendblad lays out the most important new challenges of managing your enterprise network in the era of Software as a Service.

What are the most important challenges brought on by the new shift to Software as a Service?

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Seventy-four percent of organizations today are now using some form of Software as Service (SaaS). Seventeen percent of organizations are using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) is also on the rise. This is driving an increased desire to integrate these different services, and the challenge that this brings is both the performance and the visibility of all of these services now spread across physical boundaries.

Traditionally, IT departments were organized either by location or by the technology they supported (mainframe team, database team and so on). Now, users can be anywhere and services can be anywhere, so when there's a problem, it's typically with one of the services being delivered. And the challenge is who notices this problem? How do you notify someone of a problem that's occurring? What are the tools that can be brought to bear to figure out where these problems lie? And then how many teams in how many different locations need to be brought in to solve some of these challenges?

The other thing that no one cares about anymore is that a server is down. Traditional network management control tools are focused on endpoint management, where they tell you that a device or server is down, but they don't tell you that a service is being affected. Most IT departments have a number of point solutions that are focused on this endpoint management. But users only care about the service. They don't care about all the different components that it takes to deliver that service. 

This was last published in May 2013

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