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Teleconferencing and videoconferencing

Can you describe the difference between teleconferencing and videoconferencing?
A teleconference is a telephone meeting among two or more participants involving technology more sophisticated than a simple two-way phone connection. At its simplest, a teleconference can be an audio conference with one or both ends of the conference sharing a speaker phone. With considerably more equipment and special arrangements, a teleconference can be a conference, called a videoconference, in which the participants can see still or motion video images of each other.

Because of the high bandwidth of video and the opportunity for larger and multiple display screens, a videoconference requires special telecommunication arrangements and a special room at each end. As equipment and high-bandwidth cabling become more commonplace, it's possible that videoconferences can be held from your own computer or even in a mobile setting. One of the special projects of Internet2 is to explore the possibility of having teleconferences in which all participants actually appear to be in the same room together. Today's audio teleconferences are sometimes arranged over dial-up phone lines using bridging services that provide the necessary equipment for the call.

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