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Switching to Cisco 4506

Carrie Higbie provides us with a checklist detailing how to migrate from your existing server to Cisco in this expert response.

We are going in for a migration from our existing 3Com server farm (3800), distribution (9000) switches to a pair of new Cisco 4506 switches. My query is how do I go about it? If I could get a checklist or complete procedure that I might have to follow it would be highly appreciated.

Here are the steps that you should take (you may have a few additional, but this will at least get you started):

First, copy the configurations of all of your existing equipment and print it out.
Note which port on the switch each cable is plugged into so that you can later identify any needed VLANs.
Make sure you have the latest software for your new Cisco gear.
Note any firewalls or other security appliances that utilize MAC addresses.
Mimic the configuration on your Cisco switches.
If you are not doing a cutover (one goes down the other goes up) make sure that you assign your Cisco switches a different ID. However, it is much easier if you can give your Cisco switches the same address, drop the 3Com switches from the network and move the connections over after you have matched the configurations.
Adjust any software that utilizes MAC addresses.
If you have changed the IP addresses, make sure that your security software and/or firewalls are updated as well.
This was last published in December 2006

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