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Switch bandwidth

We are setting up a network where one of the design criteria is for throughput to be 10/100 Mbps at the desktop....

Layer 2 switches are being used at the nodes. As OFC cables with media converters are being used, is it possible to have 10/100 Mbps at the desktop if 16 PCs (or 28 PCs) are connected to a switch, but the backbone supports 10/100 Mbps only (i.e. from switch to server is one four core OFC cable on media converters)? Thanks, Lt Col RV Singh Dear Colonel Singh: Actually, when a network is operating (or any single switched segment is active) it runs either at 10 Mbps or at 100 Mbps. Such segments seldom switch speeds, in fact, so that if they can run at 100 Mbps they will do so (and will usually run at 10 Mbps if they're dual-capable only if they're manually "throttled back"). Thus, as long as your infrastructure supports 100 Mbps on both ends of the connection (client-side and hub or switch side) your entire network should run at 100 Mbps throughout. Thus, I'm not sure you have a problem, nor do I really understand the entire thrust of your question.

May I suggest you contact the equipment manufacturers or the reseller from whom you bought the switches and network interfaces? They should be able to answer your questions about bandwidth without too many problems. My guess is that the only segments that will have to operate at 10 Mbps are those to which older 10-Mbps-only interfaces are attached; all other devices should automatically run at 100 Mbps.

This was last published in July 2002

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