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Supporting laptops without floppy drives via PXE server

At our office we are upgrading to laptops without floppy drives. I am interested in setting up a PXE server to connect to our network in order to deploy our pre-made software images. Aside from setting up a DHCP service on our deployment server, will I need to purchase third party software to enable PXE clients to connect to our server? What else will I need?
There is open source available to do this and Intel has released a similar technology know as BIS as open source. I believe Redhat has it but if you want support you will need to purchase Redhat. If you are new to PXE you may want to try an established 3rd party solution. Below is a link to some vendors that Intel supports:

You will also need to make sure your clients network cards support PXE.

This was last published in July 2003

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