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Studying for the CCNA is boring -- what would make it more interesting?

Studying for the CCNA is boring -- Dave Minutella tells you how you can make it more interesting in this expert response.

I am having a hard time getting into studying for my CCNA. There's has to be a better way of studying for this...

exam. Do you have any suggestion or materials that would make it interesting?

I'm sure many readers can relate. Sometimes reading and studying can be exhausting when preparing for an exam. This is especially true if the material is either mundane for your experience level or difficult to understand and comprehend.

Have you tried taking classes? I always found that having interactions with instructors and other students made the experience of preparing for tests enjoyable. In fact, if you are pressed for time or impatient, bootcamps such as the one we offer at the Training Camp are a great way to get knee-deep immersion in the concepts and the actual hardware configuration of the equipment while preparing for the exam.

This was last published in June 2006

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