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Small network with DSL and five static IP's

I have DSL with five static IP's. What is the best way to network my five computers so that when I am downloading on one computer it will not slow down the other four computers?
If all five of the computers are sharing the same DSL line, they will always have some effect on each other, there really is no way of ensuring that the others won't slow down each time one starts a new download. The good news is that TCP is designed to deal with this by doing a good job of distributing the bandwidth fairly. If you are finding that the speed of your connections is unacceptably slow, the only real solution is to upgrade the amount of bandwidth you are purchasing from your service provider. Many providers offer multiple speeds of DSL service, so it may be as simple as just calling your existing provider.
(Answered by Brandon Ross, VP of Operations, Sockeye Networks.)
This was last published in October 2002

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