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Sites to help study for MCSE

I am studying for my MCSE and I am at stage II. Can you advise me of any Web sites where I can get help with some of the questions asked to help learn more about networking principles. I am interested in protocols, topologies, ISDN, and network adapter cards.
There are literally hundreds of sites that contain some or much of what you're trying to learn more about. I'd recommend using certification portal sites like certcities.com, cramsession.com and gocertify.com to help you identify other potential sources of useful information. I'd also urge you to dig as deeply into Microsoft Technet ( www.microsoft.com/technet/) as you can stand on these topics, and to investigate MCSE specific resources like those from mcmcse.com, examnotes.net, , certportal.com, and so forth as well.

You should be able to find and learn everything else you need to know online, if you spend enough time digging for it.

Good luck with your exams,

This was last published in April 2003

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