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Simple VPN for file sharing from office to home

I am a novice so bare with me. I am putting together a peer-to-peer network of mixed Windows XP and ME desktop computers. The computers will share DSL through a router. I would like to set up a simple VPN that enables me or my partner to use/view our office computer files from home. I have narrowed it down to two products, the Linksys BEFVP41 or the Netgear FVS318. All the VPN would be used for is moving, copying, opening, saving and viewing files remotely. Am I on the right track? Thanks so much
Hi Jeff, I've seen many folks use the LinkSys for the application you're describing without difficulty. The main thing that will make your life easier is to get the same device at each end of the tunnel and use the exact same configuration at each end.

The point where you might see some performance issues is if you're running interactive traffic or client/server traffic over the connection. Many of the smaller devices work well with large packets, but slow down significantly with chatty small packet applications.
Good luck, Mark

This was last published in January 2003

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