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Should go for BCMSN (CCNP) or SA2 for RedHat Linux?

I am currently doing the CCNA course. I would like your advice about the next course. Should go for BCMSN (CCNP) or SA2 for RedHat Linux?
A wise man once told me that the answers to all good questions begin with the same two words: "That depends..." In your case whether you pursue CCNP or RHCE (I'm assuming that's what you mean by SA2 in this case, though you might be talking about LPI Level 2 certification as well -- forgive me, but your actual target isn't completely clear to me, but clear enough for this answer) depends on where your fundamental interest lie. If you want to be a Unix/Linux sys/net admin, go the SA2 route; if you prefer to work on networking infrastructure, stick to the Cisco certs. Job opportunities are probably somewhat more numerous on the Cisco side, but not so scarce on the Unix/Linux side as to force you toward Cisco no matter what your personal proclivities might be.
This was last published in December 2003

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