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Should I worry about studying IGRP protocol?

Should I worry about studying IGRP protocol?

Some books I have studied say I don't need to worry about studying IGRP protocol. Is that true? I ask because I read one book that said the 640-801 worried more about RIP and EIGRP and not OSPF and when I took the test it kicked my back side with OSPF questions.
IGRP is definitely taking its exit stage left in the Cisco IOS (does not exist in version 12.3 and up) as well as the exams. That is not to say that you will still not see a sprinkling of IGRP questions since the technology may still be out there, but I believe it will slowly fade away just as ISDN is fading away. As for OSPF, that is quite prevalent in the CCNA exams still and I would question any materials that state otherwise, for I do not see those letting up any time soon.
This was last published in March 2006

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