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Should I setup our IP address manually?

I tried to configure our wireless card several times to connect our two computers AD-HOC.

The two computers show that the computers are connected, but we still cannot communicate through the wireless network. Should I setup our IP address manually?
Your two PCs may be sending and receiving wireless LAN frames to each other just fine. However, to send and receive TCP/IP traffic to each other, the two PCs do need valid IP addresses, and there is no DHCP server in your ad-hoc configuration to provide them with valid dynamic IP addresses. You can verify this by looking at the Status panel Support tab of the enabled Wireless Network Connection. If the connection's IP address is or 169.254.x.x, then it has failed to get an address or defaulted to an automatic private address.

You can manually configure both network connections with IP addresses in the same subnet -- for example, configure one PC with the address and the other PC with the address

Alternatively, if you are using Windows, you can try using the Microsoft Wizard to configure a Home Network between your two computers. This wizard is intended to let one PC share the Internet connection and other shared file/printer resources on the other PC. Among other things, that wizard sets the IP address of the PC card with the shared Internet connection to and lets connected PC(s) obtain valid addresses in that same subnet.

This was last published in January 2004

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