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Should I add laptops to the domain even though users will lose their desktop?

Our network administration expert, Lindi Horton, offers her advice on adding laptops to a domain.

We have a domain and we have a program that the users use on the office computers, but we don't have a computer for each person. Some come with their laptop and want to be able to use the software on their laptop. Do you think I should add the laptops to the domain even though they will lose their desktop? Thanks in advance!
I would recommend that any desktop or laptop machines that come into your offices to use business applications be added to the domain. Although, I have to admit I am a little confused by the statement that they will lose their desktop machines. I would have the ability for any laptop or desktop machine on your network to be added to a domain to allow the users to log in and get their work accomplished. The role of IT professionals is to help enable people who have less computer knowledge than us to accomplish their jobs. We're designed to help make the integration of computers and computer-based applications into their normal job functions as seamless as possible. For this reason and the fact that you need to be able to manage accounts and devices on the network, you should add any devices into the domain that you can.
This was last published in January 2007

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