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Should I CISSP certify to be well-rounded or specialize in Checkpoint?

Is it better to be well-rounded or have a specialty? Tittel helps you decide between CISSP certification and specializing in Checkpoint in this expert response.

I am a Checkpoint certified CCSE and am wondering whether to go down the advanced Checkpoint route for further certifications or to study for the CISSP for a more rounded security cert. Can you offer any advice?

Dear Sir or Madam:

A wise man once told me that the answer to any good question always begins with the same two words—namely: "That depends…" In your situation whether you stay the Checkpoint course and pursue advanced credentials from that company, or move over to the more general and flexible CISSP depends on where you are now, what you like to do, and what you want to do for the next 6-10 years at work. If you want to stay in a position where you work regularly with CheckPoint tools and systems, advancing your skills and knowledge through more advanced certifications will probably be just the ticket. But if you want to move into a more general information security role, perhaps in a different job at the same employer, or as a security consultant to other companies, the CISSP is probably a better all-around credential to help you go down that road.

If I've missed other important options or possibilities that you'd like to chew on further, please post again, and follow up with some more specific questions. As it is, I hope I've managed to address your primary concerns, and have provided the information you seek.

Thanks for posting,


This was last published in August 2007

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