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Sharing outlook.pst file

I recently set up a home network, running XP on the "server", which also has a printer and dial up modem, and Windows 2000 on the remote PC. Everything is working OK, but I have two issues:

1. When I access the Internet from the remote PC via LAN, the modem dials fine, but will not hang up when I'm done. Is there a way to disconnect without going to the server?

2. I want to share the outlook.pst file so I have the same email on both machines, but cannot seem to get the permissions to access the file over the LAN.
Any suggestions?
The answer to your 1st question is Yes. You can set an idle timeout inside the modem properties. Go into the control panel and open the modem properties.

And on your 2nd question, create a new folder and grant yourself full NTFS permissions. Share the folder out and grant yourself full rights. You should be able to access the .pst file on both machines now.

This was last published in August 2002

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